The Greatest Digital Marketing Tool Of All Time For Business Owners

Imagine having an invisible drone following your visitor everywhere he or she goes, gathering all the information you need to know about the person. Kind of weird right?

Well, that’s what google analytics gives you as a business owner with an online platform.

Analytics in business is basically used to stalk your users, and followers online using their activities to get them to buy more or do more with you as a business.

Any business that is yet to utilise this great marketing tool is definitely missing out in a big way.

Google Analytics is the most accessible, simplest and also a free website analytics tool that will stalk your users until you k ow what to do with their interaction with your platform.

At online grandpa, we are ready to create this portal of endless possibilities for you. And we will help you manage and analyze it into lay man’s language. We will also provide ways of using this beautiful data that you already have with you.

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