How To Set Digital Marketing Goals

Online Grandpa, setting digital marketing goals


♣Goals are the specific expectations adopted at a stage of an individuals life to get a specific result during a period.

♣goals are to be written down if it is going to work

♣The whole essence of having a goal is to be able to be reminded of what you want on a daily basis and to be able to work specifically towards it

♣Your social media goals can be achieved through the internet and the social media, you can do almost anything, therefore, dream big and high

♣♣In summary, list your goals and paste it where you can see it look at it every day and go back every day and ask yourself how you have been able to work towards it every day at this stage you the certainty of your achieving that goal is very high.

♥♡Goals are to be feasible →

Do not try to make goals of making 100 million dollars by the next month when you don’t even have what you can do to get a million →

Know what you want to do calculate what you can do to get to that goal you want for yourself →sit down with yourself and think with yourself and don’t deceive yourself.

□■I am not saying you should not have faith, but have the kind of faith that you have the grace to believe and follow■□

♥♡As a digital marketer your focus and goal are supposed to be on your relationship with the public, and how you can make them trust you and believe that you have their ■interests■ at heart don’t forget to always try ■different strategies■ to draw the public closer to your business more and more.


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